Lib Dems continue to gain support

The nation is in turmoil with whole sections of local communities viewing each other with suspicion over their views on Europe, immigration and the economy. Many people feel that there is no one to speak up for them or that their future is under threat. A divided nation is in nobody's interest.

The Liberal Democrats are a united party and want to see a united Britain. People are continuing to turn to the Lib Dems as a voice of reason and moderation. The evidence is in the results of recent by-elections.

By-election net gains since the EU Referendum

At the end of September, the Lib Dems had already achieved a net 15 by-election gains in recent months. Now, at the beginning of December, it has jumped to 32 net gains. This includes the remarkable victory of Trevor Sheldrick in the local election in nearby Hadleigh, and the astonishing victory of Sarah Olney in the parliamentary election in Richmond Park. Sarah overturned a Conservative majority of 23,000 with a 22% swing to the Liberal Democrats.

Why do we need the Lib Dems? For one thing we need an effective opposition to the Conservative Government at Westminster.

We need the same locally, both in the Borough and District Councils and in the County Council. The community needs a moderate and reasonable voice in local government. The Liberal Democrats can provide that.

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