Coalition was best for the country

"Forming the Coallition Government in 2010 was the best option for the country - in fact, it was the only option". Former Liberal Democrat MP, Don Foster, explained why to a conference of local Suffolk Liberal Democrats meeting outside Ipswich

Don Foster, Now Lord Foster, described how all other options were unavailable to the Liberal Democrats. Going into coalition was in the best interests of the country but, ultimately, not in the best intests of the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems lost a large number of MPs in the subsequent 2015 General Election.

Nevertheless, for five years the Liberal Democrats in government did tremendous good for the people of this country. Many Liberal Democrat policies were put into effect (although some have already been dismantled by the new Conservative government). Many extreme Conservative policies never made it into action because the Lib Dems would not allow it. They are coming in now, though.

With the tectonic shifts in our society across the UK, Europe and the world, a strong liberal voice is needed more than ever.

Don finished his address with an amusing anecdote about a student, a tall building and a barometer. If you want to hear the story ask any physicist! (Don isĀ  former physics teacher.)

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