Lib Dems take Hadleigh

Liberal Democrat, Trevor Sheldrick, has wrested Hadleigh from the Conservatives in a Suffolk County Council by-election. The result was declared today (23rd September 2016).

Trevor, a Hadleigh resident, fought an excellent campaign. In the best tradition of #LibDemFightback he won a convincing victory over both Conservative and Labour candidates. He now has a ten percent majority over the Conservatives. You can see the full result on the Suffolk County Council website.

Fifteen for no loss

This is the fifteenth straight gain in a row for the Lib Dems since May.

According to figures from the BBC, there have been 89 local by-elections since May with 31 changing hands.

The Conservatives have gained 5 but lost 10, Labour has gained 4 but lost 10, UKIP has gained 2 and lost 4, the Greens have gained 1 and the SNP has gained 1 but lost 2.

The Liberal Democrats have gained fifteen and lost none at all!

Data from BBC Daily Politics 22nd September 2016.

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