Membership surge

Political earthquakes such as last year's General Election and the recent EU Referendum have shaken many people. Ordinary people feel that they have to do something positive. You can see this in the way that membership of the Liberal Democrats has grown.

We thought that we were living in a country in harmony with itself and its neighbours, only to find that our society has become deeply divided and without any clear view of what the future holds.

More and more people are turning to the Liberal Democrats to lead us out of the crisis. We will only have a free, fair and open society if we work for it. Do nothing and it will slip away. Ordinary people are deciding to take action. Membership of the Liberal Democrats gives them the means.

Nationally, membership is up by 16,000 since 23rd June (EU referendum) to over 75,000.This is the best for 10 years.

It's easy to join. Just visit .

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