The most ever

I sat next to a distinguished Guardian journalist as we listened to Tim Farron's question and answer session on the second day of the Liberal Democrat Conference at Bournemouth.

"We don't want anyone getting a hernia!", said Michael White as I clambered over a seat into the next row at the end of the session. I did not want to disturb him as he committed his thoughts to paper, but now he looked up.

"Did you like that?", I asked referring to the Q&A, not my acrobatics.

"I think he did very well", said Michael White, referring to Tim Farron.

This is already the most successful Lib Dem conference ever, breaking all attendance records (most people attending, most first time speakers, most new members, most under-35s). The atmosphere is very upbeat and there is a buzz about the place. I wonder what the next three days will bring.

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