Charles Kennedy1959-2015

Charles Kennedy successfully led the Liberal Democrats to our best parliamentary standing with great integrity, genuineness and humour. His sudden death is a great sadness.

Ian Horner said: "This, in the end, was the essence of Charles Kennedy: a shy man, sadly tormented by his own demons, but yet a real human being. His stance on Iraq was typical of him. Having considered the facts he stood alone of the major party leaders in opposing the war.

"We should also never forget that Charles was liked by so many people, even those who did not vote Liberal Democrat. Politics has too many plastic characters. Today, politics lost a real character - no less a character for all his personal problems.

"I do remember walking to Cowley Street the morning after he was elected Party Leader. All of a sudden I heard a shout of “Ian”.  I looked across the road and there was Charles, just returning from the early morning round of TV interviews.  He gave me a thumbs up and said “Ian, I got up!”.

"Perhaps the best memory of all was the Cambridge rally in 2005.  The hall was packed to capacity and I was left to deal with the hundreds of people left outside who could not get in. Charles himself came out to address the crowd."

Photo by Moniker42 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

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