Lib Dems continue to gain support

By-election net gains since the EU Referendum

The nation is in turmoil with whole sections of local communities viewing each other with suspicion over their views on Europe, immigration and the economy. Many people feel that there is no one to speak up for them or that their future is under threat. A divided nation is in nobody's interest.

The Liberal Democrats are a united party and want to see a united Britain. People are continuing to turn to the Lib Dems as a voice of reason and moderation. The evidence is in the results of recent by-elections.

Coalition was best for the country

"Forming the Coallition Government in 2010 was the best option for the country - in fact, it was the only option". Former Liberal Democrat MP, Don Foster, explained why to a conference of local Suffolk Liberal Democrats meeting outside Ipswich

Don Foster, Now Lord Foster, described how all other options were unavailable to the Liberal Democrats. Going into coalition was in the best interests of the country but, ultimately, not in the best intests of the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems lost a large number of MPs in the subsequent 2015 General Election.


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